Frequently Asked Questions


When Golf is “Their” Thing it looks pretty intimidating, so we’re here to help Make Golf Your Thing by answering a few frequently asked golf questions that might be bouncing around in your head.

    •  “A friend asked me to play. Can I wear jeans? What about shorts? What’s the dress code for playing golf?”

      • Great question. It depends on the golf course or driving range you’re heading out to play at. Your best bet is to ask your friend where you’re playing. Look up the dress code on the course or driving range website or call the pro shop.
    • “Golf seems expensive. How do I find affordable places to play in my area?”

      • Today, local courses and ranges do a great job of advertising affordable tee times and range deals through commonly shared tactics. “Twilight” will save you a ton of money if your schedule allows for you to play late in the day. Weekends tend to be the most expensive time to play— so plan accordingly!
      • As Make Golf Your Thing permeates in our industry, you’ll ultimately be able to google “Make Golf Your Thing Near Me” and participating golf courses and driving ranges will present you with an affordable invitation to come to their business and Make Golf Your Thing.
    • “Do I need my own clubs to get started?”

      • Most driving ranges and golf courses have rental sets on the ready for you to borrow, and if you catch the golf bug, there are tons of brick and mortar and online used club shops to make that first purchase an affordable one.
    • “Golf jargon is confusing. Is there a place where I can learn how to ‘talk golf’?

    • “Am I going to be welcome?”

      • Undeniably, in golf’s history there have been instances of the sport not welcoming people from all backgrounds, and the traditional way to experience the game is often intimidating to those new to the sport. But today, golf can and should be a game for everyone. While the perception will not change overnight, there is incredible commitment to ensure golf is understood to be more diverse, inclusive and equitable across the industry.
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