Youth Golfers Learn to Dream Big and Expand Their Vision at First Tee – Four Corners

When someone learns the game of golf, they learn so much more than just how to swing a club.

Facing the challenge of covering a vast swath of rural New Mexico, First Tee Four Corners serves many kids, including members of a Navajo Reservation and those with special needs, by teaching the First Tee’s 9 core values which includes honesty, integrity and sportsmanship through golf.

“Some of the strongest moments for me has been to see kids who are shy, who are afraid to really challenge themselves, and then to watch them blossom and grow self-confidence and go on to do great things,” shared Tina Pacheco-White, Executive Director at First Tee Four Corners. “And golf has really given them those tools to do so.”

Pacheco-White attributed another strength of First Tee Four Corner’s program to the ability to send kids to participate in national First Tee events around the country.

“We had one boy from Aztec, New Mexico, that was selected to play in the First Tee tournament at Pebble Beach. It’s special when kids have those kind of life changing moments and that is what our mission is, to broaden kids’ vision and allow them to dream and make this as a stepping stone for what they want to do later on in life.”

Tina Pacheco-White, Executive Director at First Tee Four Corners

And First Tee Four Corners is doing just that, inspiring children to dream one swing at a time.

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