First Tee – West Michigan Teaches Kids Vital Life Skills & Values Through the Game of Golf

Golf can open so many doors and provide lessons well beyond the course. 

First Tee – West Michigan has grown the game with those opportunities in mind by positively influencing kids in the West Michigan area since 2011.

“It’s all about introducing the game of golf to children,” Muskegon Area Director for First Tee – West Michigan Erik Stanford said. “We want to help students that typically, or ordinarily, wouldn’t have that opportunity. We’d never turn anyone away, but at our core is to help those kids who typically wouldn’t have those opportunities.”

Erik Stanford, Muskegon Area Director for First Tee – West Michigan

Focusing on life skills & values taught by getting out on the course, the organization enables kids and teens to become better versions of themselves and better connect with their communities all while enjoying the game inside the ropes.

“We have our nine healthy habits such as honesty, respect and perseverance and all the things that you learn on the golf course that translate into your everyday life,” Stanford shared. “We get really excited about the opportunities with kids to not only teach the game of golf, but how those skills can translate into their future ultimately.”

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